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Homeschooling and Special Needs

These links compiled by Meredith Warshaw from her Uniquely Gifted website of online resources for families with gifted/special needs children.

Many of us have found that the best way to meet the needs of our twice-special children is to do it ourselves. Homeschooling can be a wonderful way to meet both the gifted needs and other special needs of our children.

Online Support Groups

  • Homeschooling: GT-Spec-Home is a new list for families homeschooling gifted/special needs children. To learn more about the list, visit to learn more about the list,visit To subscribe to GT-Spec-Home, send e-mail to with the command "subscribe gt-spec-home" in the body.

Additional Resources

  • Federation for Children with Special Needs, From their website: "The Federation is a center for parents and parent organizations to work together on behalf of children with special needs and their families. We can help! Organized in 1975 as a coalition of parent groups representing children with a variety of disabilities, the Federation operates a Parent Center in Massachusetts which offers a variety of services to parents, parent groups, and others who are concerned with children with special needs."

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