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High School Athletics: Requirements for Participation

Home Educated Students: Requirements for Participation in Interscholastic Sports Programs

The MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association) will permit a home educated student to participate in interscholastic athletics if the following conditions are met:

The local school committee of a MIAA public school member institution has adopted a policy regarding participation of Home Educated students on the high school sports teams. The local building principal has indicated such on the annual MIAA membership form and included all home schoolers in the annual MIAA enrollment report.

The Educational Plan for the home educated student has been approved by the public school Superintendent or his/her designee.

The principal has determined appropriate high school grade level placement (9-12) for each home educated student in conjunction with chronological age and educational plan.

The student resides in the school district that serves the high school and must be living with his/her parents or legal guardians in the family residence. In multiple school districts, a home educated student must be assigned to the school of record in the same manner as other students.

The Principal is satisfied that the student meets the guidelines for athletic participation required for all other students as defined in the current MIAA Blue Book. This should include, but not be limited to, those rules governing transfers, academic eligibility, age requirements, and the number of consecutive seasons of athletic eligibility beyond grade eight.

MIAA requirements relative to acdemic eligibility must be reviewed by the Principal at the same times that all other student athletes are to be certified as academicially eligible.

If the Principal determines that all eligibility standards detailed above have been met, the Principal may declare the student immediately eligible to participate in interscholastcic competition. The rights, privileges, and responsibilities associated with all other student athletes attending MIAA member schools will apply to home educated students who have satisfied the requirements above.

The entire MIAA Blue Book is available for download on the MIAA site.

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