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Your Educational Plan

Massachusetts law (Chapter 76 Section 1) states that school officials shall “approve in advance” the manner of instruction for students educated at home. Over the past twenty years, homeschoolers and school districts have developed various ways of meeting that requirement.

Letter of Intent

While neither the statutes nor the court cases mention a "Letter of Intent," many homeschoolers notify their school district of their intent to homeschool their child by means of a letter which merely states their intention to homeschool their child(ren) beginning on a specific date or for a certain school year. MHLA advises families to send such a letter via registered mail with return receipt requested, so that they have proof that the letter was received. Occasionally, a district will not ask for anything further from a homeschooling family. Most districts, however, will follow up such a letter of intent with information about the district's policy on homeschooling outlining the information the district wishes the family to provide. Many homeschoolers do not submit a separate letter of intent, but rather inform the school of their intent to homeschool through the submission of their educational plan.

Educational Plan

Districts have been known to ask for various extra-legal requirements. On the Official Requirements page, you will be able to read about what districts may and may not require.

In drafting your educational plan, you should expect to provide information on the "four things" mentioned in Charles:

  1. an educational plan
  2. information about the parents' qualifications
  3. a review of texts, but only to determine the type of subjects taught and the grade level of the child
  4. information on academic progress

For more specific information on each of these topics, see the Overview page.

Again, we advise submitting your educational plan via registered mail with return receipt requested, or drop it off in person at the superintendent's office.

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