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Letters to Editors can be a very effective way of correcting public misperceptions about home education. Either as individuals or as an organization, MHLA participants have contibuted thought-provoking letters to the media.

Letters to the Boston Globe following an article about Patrick Henry College

Letter to Teacher Magazine

I am amazed that Teacher gave absolutely no recognition to homeschooling in its 10th anniversary issue [August/September]. Homeschooling is truly an education phenomenon that came of age during the '90s. All 50 states now recognize its legitimacy, and it is an education option for well over a million students. Clearly, homeschooling is not a fad; it has become a bona fide school alternative for hundreds of thousands of American families.

Though schools struggle to improve in a host of areas-parent involvement, year-round schooling, individualized curriculum, alternative assessment, technology use-homeschoolers are already dealing with these challenges. Of course, home schooling will never be adopted by the majority, but educators should not dismiss its effectiveness out of hand. Rather, they should raise the question of how homeschooling's best practices could be incorporated into the mainstream.

Your omission reminds me of the story of a man who is searching for his lost keys under a street lamp. When a friend asks where he last had his keys, he points to a darkened alley. But he explains that it is too dark to find them over there; the light is better here. By defining education in terms of schools and failing to consider homeschooling, you stayed in familiar "lighted" territory. In doing so, you missed finding the real keys to improved education.

Loretta Heuer, Massachusetts Home Learning Association, Holliston, Massachusetts
October 1999

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