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Department of Education (DOE)

MHLA has been advocating for a number of years in an effort to improve the advice the Department gives to superintendents.

In Massachusetts, the Department of Education (DOE) has no jurisdiction over homeschool policy; local superintendents and school committees set policy within the guidelines of the relevant court cases and statutes [see Information for Superintendents]. The DOE does, however, provide advice based on their legal department's interpretation of the law.

Read more about the history and current situation in regard to DOE's Advisories on Home Education.

Superintendents and School Committees

MHLA provides school officials with accurate information about homeschooling in Massachusetts, both indirectly and directly. Indirectly, we provide information to Massachusetts homeschoolers, who then may approach their school officials from a position of knowledge [see Information for Superintendents]. On occasion, we send letters and information directly to school officials, in order to provide them with relevant information.


To follow the progress of any bill through the legislative process, go to the General Court Site at

Massachusetts does not have a home education statute, but from time to time bills are introduced that might affect homeschoolers. When such bills come to our attention, we use our eGroup at Yahoo!Groups to inform Massachusetts homeschoolers.

MHLA's position on legislative involvment and instances of past involvement

Coordinating with Other Homeschool Organizations

As MHLA's mission statement indicates, MHLA aims to unify Massachusetts homeschoolers and their representative organizations, to form a common voice dedicated to maintaining and broadening homeschooler freedoms. To that end, MHLA strives to maintain open communication with local support groups and state-wide organizations that serve homeschoolers.

Together with MassHOPE, MHLA produced the joint publication of Information for Superintendents. A joint effort was also instrumental in advocating for homeschooled athletes, working for the adoption of MIAA of Guidelines for Home Educated Athletes.


MHLA recognizes the tremendous supporting role that librarians play for many homeschooling families. Over a period of years, MHLA has sent homeschool information to libraries throughout the state. We also welcome librarians to join the MHLA yahoo group.


MHLA makes available a media contact to help reporters understand the benefits, societal impacts and unique educational methods of homeschoolers.

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